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Ships have their own parking place but girls do not, when a woman wants to get naked she should be booked somewhere at the harbor to parade her skin, for a country to prosper and its people to be happy the right for girls to tan in the nude needs to be implemented.

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There is no way a woman can enjoy life at its full without experiencing skinny dipping or nude sunbathing, girls need to refresh their naked bodies often to enjoy the full benefits of vitamin C and to be admired. The Russian girl in the picture shows us what a happy go lucky girl can do in the nude at the harbor, from lying down on a bench to allow the Sun rays bright her pussy, to turn around sticking her ass up to warm the ass cheeks.

It does not matter how a girl wants to enjoy her sunbathing, we must provide her with a place where she can enjoy nudity in public with no people looking neither bothering her, it is her right.

Young woman sunbathing nakedYoung woman sunbathing naked

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